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“Doc Why Am I So Tired All The Time?” - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

by Dr David Tadj

This is a question I am asked regularly by patients. The answer to the question, unfortunately, is often not straightforward. This is because tiredness, or “fatigue” as doctors prefer to refer to it, is a symptom rather than a diagnosis.  Unusually severe and prolonged fatigue is usually caused by an underlying medical or psychological problem. For this reason, I tell my patients, that regrettably I do not have an “energy pill” to treat their fatigue. The best way to address the patient’s fatigue is to find the underlying cause for their fatigue and treat that underlying cause. The fatigue should improve or resolve with treatment of the underlying cause. For more information click here



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Christine Archer Departure - Thursday, January 01, 2015

We sadly farewell Dr Christine Archer who is now only seeing patients at her practice in Denmark where she works with Dr Jane James.  If you would like to see Dr Archer in her Denmark rooms we would be only too pleased to forward your medical records to Dr Archer's Denmark rooms. You will need to come in and sign a consent form.
Alternatively you are also welcome to have your medical care continued at Pioneer Health Albany.  We have over 15 GPs who are willing to assist you with your medical care at Pioneer. Dr Christine Oosterhuis, Dr Jennifer Graham-Taylor, Dr Nyi Zaw, Dr Jonathan Ramachenderan in particular have capacity and would be happy to take over your medical care. 





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