Women's HealthWomen's Health

All of our doctors at Pioneer Health are happy to see patients regarding women's health issues. These may range from advice on contraception to pre-pregnancy counselling, care around pregnancy, breast feeding, menopause, continence and sexual health problems. 

Currently, we have a handful GP's who have completed the required training and perform the following women's health and contraceptive procedures:

  • Implanon insertion and removal 
  • Mirena insertion and removal
  • IUD insertion and removal

All of our GP's can perform pap smears. The current recommended cancer screening for women includes performing regular pap-smears and breast screening. For information about cervical cancer screening (with pap-smears) click here. For information about breast cancer screening click here

For convenience you may want to take advantage of our Pap-smear only clinics which are regularly run by a female GP and are bulk billed every Friday morning. These appointments are pap-smears only.